Friday, February 15, 2013

Superintendent Candidate Diana Greene endorsed by Manatee/Sarasota Democratic Black Caucus

Although the appointing of the next Manatee County School District superintendent is only in the hands of the Manatee County School Board, community members and advisory committees have been participating in the interview process and will be stating their opinions publicly next Wednesday before the school board casts their votes.
The Manatee/Sarasota Democratic Black Caucus has endorsed candidate Diana Greene. The caucus released this statement earlier yesterday:
“If we are to hire someone who has already proven an aptitude for fiscal responsibility and brings documented curriculum and instructional success to the table, Greene is our best all-around candidate.”
Susie Copeland, the vice president of the Manatee/Sarasota Democratic Black Caucus and the president of the Manatee County NAACP said that she thought Greene’s interview with the school board on Monday was exceptionally thorough.
“From my perspective, she has great rapport with the board members,” Copeland said.
She also said that it spoke to her that Marion County, where Greene serves as deputy superintendent for curriculum and instruction, has a higher percentage of poverty than Manatee County yet has fared better.
Candidate Pamela Stewart also caught Copeland’s eye. Stewart has experience with the Florida Department of Education and, despite her own credentials, wrote a letter of recommendation for Greene.
School board member Barbara Harvey says she has received several endorsements for Greene from Manatee County residents, including members from a variety of churches and members of the NAACP as well as phone calls from a wide demographic variety.
Harvey said that this is the first that she has gotten this kind of response about a candidate, and she attributes that to the interviews being televised.
She has not received phone calls regarding other candidates so far, but she said that does not mean they are not endorsed.
Harvey feels prepared for the vote on the 20th.
“It will be interesting; I can assure you,” she said.

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  1. A person with very good credentials and has a long track of good records would be enough for any position. As long as they will do a good job then it is better to hire them. It's like when you're picking a book or a reference for your college paper, you naturally pick one that sells best or has a good track record.