Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Graduation Party Ideas

Tonight kicks off high school commencements as Braden River High School bids farewell to their class of 2013. And with graduations come graduation parties. So to all of you juniors out there, here are some theme ideas for your graduation party!

1. Hollywood.
Cliché sounding as it is, Hollywood is a simple and easy theme and can easily get the creative juices flowing. Keep snack items simple with movie theater inspired treats. Have a slideshow playing with your best high school memories mixed with screenshots from your favorite films. For a final touch, have guests at your party have a few moments of fame with either a photo booth or, for a more personal touch, an area where they can leave a video message for the graduate.

2. Jungle
It's a jungle out there! This theme can run with either a concrete or natural variety as you celebrate being "released into the wild." Have big plans after school? Have someone pound a drum as you reveal your college and/or travel plans as your first adult decision in the real world. Then soak in the admiration. 

3. Childhood favorites

Are you begrudging growing up or stressed about the next step? Throw a party that bids a bittersweet farewell to childhood by embracing your inner 5-year-old. Serve up food that you typically snack on at an adolescent birthday party and whip out the Disney movies and classic board games. Feature a slip-n-slide, Twister and other old favorites that have no age limits. You can also opt to end the night by doing something more adult, such as a limo ride or a nice dinner.


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