Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top Prom Fashions of 2013

Prom: the most "magical" night of senior year, made even sweeter by the excuse to dress like royalty. However, there is a degree of stress that goes into the fun night. For guys, it's arranging the date. For girls, it's the hair, the nails and, most importantly, the dress. You don't want to look like attack of the clones, but you also don't want to look like you stepped out of a time machine.
Break out of the monotonous, floor length-one color look by exploring some of this year's top trends.
Whether you want to go bold and bright or simple and classic, there is an on-trend dress for juniors and seniors.

1. The Asymmetrical Hemline
The asymmetrical dress features a hemline that is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Even though I refer to them as mullet dresses, they have become increasingly popular, and they're fun to twirl in.

2. The Sweetheart Neckline
A sweetheart neckline, believe it or not, looks like the top of a heart. it has two curves that drop and meet in the middle of the bust. this has become increasingly more popular then dresses with necklines that cut straight across.

3. Red or White
Both colors are kind to the complexion. Red is daring and bold and looks awesome on fair-skinned people with the likeness of Emma Stone. White will make you look tanner.

4. Pastels
As spring fades into summer, fashion lines have been showing a lot of pastels, and they are a popular pick for proms this year. Think mint green, peach, pale yellow or light purple.

5. Sequence
Blame it on the Great Gatsby, but if it glitters, it's gold this prom season. Sequence is in this year, whether it is all-round or strategically placed to make a pattern.

6. Sleek, not puffy
Abandon the 1980s frills, if you haven't already, for a sleeker, form-fitting look.

7. White and off-color tuxedos
Sorry, but this is all I've got for the guys. South Beach is making its way nation-wide this year. White and unconventional colored tuxedos, particularly pastels, are in this year for a tropical, vintage South Florida look.

I don't set the trends, I just enforce them. Disagree? Let me know, and tell me what you're wearing to the prom.

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